We love Dawn French’s new short, grey hairstyle


Hooray for the grey! This week, Dawn French unveiled her new, all-grey haircut on social media becoming the latest in a long line of women to ditch the dye. How liberating to see so many over-50s showing off their grey hair, especially those in the public eye: Andi MacDowell, Liesl Tommy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Allison Janney and, now, Dawn French. Women who are pushing back against societal pressure to look a certain way and conform to youthful ideals.

Sharing her new shorter, edgier haircut on social media, 63-year-old Dawn French said, ‘I’m going for it big time. Chop chop. Bring on the silver. In my head, it’s v Jamie Lee Curtis. Husband says it’s actually v Anne Hegerty. Don’t care…. Both are ruddy KWEEEENS!’ Moving on from her iconic dark brown bob, French has been gradually growing in the grey and sharing her experience on Instagram. On Monday, French told followers that eventually she plans to bring back her trademark bob ‘in full grey glory.’


Many women confronted their root re-growth head-on when salons closed during the pandemic, a couple of my friends with dyed dark hair (and it is much harder when you have dark hair) decided to ride out the transition process and allow their natural grey hair colour to grow in. And both have said they love the new look and feel more confident. Of course, going grey is more than just a hashtag on social media  – there’s the psychological matter of coming to terms with the ageing process – of accepting that you will look older, that you are older, that you will be viewed differently. But the more women take pride in their grey hair, the easier it becomes for others to stand their ground. To choose wrinkles over Botox and fillers, style over fashion and natural grey hair over a dye job.

Grey hair is cool, at last. Not to mention less hassle at the hairdressers.. Viva la grey-volution!



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